About Us


This is Kanika, founder of Kanika's Boutique and I want to share with you about what motivated me to come up with this store.

I had completed my studies at University College London in 2009. And whilst living and working in London, I started doing courses in ceramics as a hobby . The idea of this boutique specializing in charming home decor, kitchenware and tableware was conceptualized in 2009, when I would go shopping for cooking pots, ceramic mugs and kitchen storage jars to set up my new kitchen.

A decade later, through this store, I want to help my customers to be able to find everything under the same umbrella. I want to make it easier for the customers to shop for unique home decor products, fabulous tableware and kitchenware trusting that they are getting the finest quality at best of prices.

The fetching array of products at my store have been curated and designed to brighten up your home. A lot of thought has been given to the process of bringing these products for you. And to do this more responsibly, I keep small batches of products.

Do try some of the products, I am sure you would be very happy using them.

 Best Wishes :)